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Thank you for visiting HopefulCanadians.com. Hi, my name is Frank Eves, I’m a happily married father of three, granddad of two and a retired MD.

Q: Why did I launch HopefulCanadians.com?
A: Canada has been headed in the wrong direction since 2006.

“The three grand essentials of happiness are: Something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.”
– Alexander Chalmers (Scottish writer 1759 – 1834)

This blog will be focused on “…something to hope for.”

I’ve never been politically active, but the Harper Government (best thought of as the Alberta, Oil and Gas, Reform Party) has an alarming agenda you need to understand. In 2011, less than forty-percent of Canadian voters elected a ‘majority’ Conservative government. Unsurprisingly, the Conservatives are using their newfound powers to dismantle longstanding environmental laws and they’re hoping that you won’t notice, or even care about, what they’re up to.

Q: Who benefits from these changes to environmental law?
A: Multinational oil and gas corporations are the primary beneficiaries.

You’ve likely read or heard that the Conservatives included a long list of environment-related, legal changes in a very lengthy budget implementation bill; ostensibly, to limit debate. Did you know that the bill grants the Conservative Cabinet dictatorial power? For example, the Cabinet will acquire the power to unilaterally approve the very controversial Enbridge™ Northern Gateway Pipelines.

For over four decades, ethical Parliamentarians toiled to reach a consensus and created Canada’s environmental laws. The Harper Government is now creating a new kind of Canada, a country where, inexplicably, Canadians who care deeply about our environment have become their enemy.

Q: Ask yourself a simple question, “Why is the Conservative Party of Canada working hand-in-hand with Big Oil?”
A: The easy answer is that they have a short-sighted, big-business, greed-based ideology, but I suspect their reasons are actually more complicated and possibly even more sinister.

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As it stands today, multinational oil and gas corporations and their shareholders will pocket over ninety percent of the profits from Canada’s tar sands, leaving behind undeniable, environmental devastation, as their gift to future generations of Canadians.

Canada deserves much better stewardship of our environment. Fortunately, there’s “…something to hope for.”

Canada Can Prosper and Still Protect Our Environment.

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