Wealth Inequality in Canada

Stephen Harper photo courtesy of Rabble.ca
Stephen Harper
photo courtesy of Rabble.ca

Are you concerned about wealth inequality in Canada?

How do you feel about Stephen Harper? Almost every day, I ask myself, “How could he possibly be Canada’s Prime Minister?” I’ll bet there are a lot of people who feel the same way I do. Did you know that over seventy-five percent of registered Canadian electors did not vote for the Harper Government?

Party of One book cover

Have you read ‘Party of One: Stephen Harper and Canada’s Radical Makeover’ by Michael Harris? You may remember the author hosting The Harris Report on the CBC or recall his other books and many articles. Amazon’s book review teases: “… Harper… is a profoundly anti-democratic figure” and “… has made war on every independent source of information in Canada since coming to power. Party of One is about a man with a well-defined and growing enemies list… : union members, scientists, diplomats, environmentalists, First Nations peoples, and journalists.”

Q: How did we end up with Stephen Harper and a Conservative majority government?
A: Canadians weren’t paying sufficient attention! Many actually bought into his lower taxes, jobs and prosperity propaganda.

Canada has a long history of electing governments in teeter-totter fashion, when the Liberals are down, the Conservatives are up and vice-versa. Ask yourself a very serious question, “Does voting Conservative or Liberal make sense with the wealth inequality we’re facing”?

Are you sick of Stephen Harper’s political direction? What’s your plan? Are you planning to vote Liberal? If so, remember today’s Liberals:

  • are fiscally conservative
  • placed third last election (trailed the Conservatives by about three million votes and trailed the NDP by about two million votes)
  • are led by Justin Trudeau.

It’s absurd that Justin polled as well as he did in 2014. He’s young, has his mother’s hair and his father’s name. That’s not enough to be the Prime Minister of Canada. Canadians who answered pollsters calls, clearly weren’t thinking. Leading up to the 2015 election I’ll bet Justin’s numbers will plummet.

Have you noticed that when we elect right-leaning politicians, be they Conservatives or Liberals, the corporations and folks who are already wealthy, get richer and the rest of us lose ground? It’s been getting worse for decades. Please watch the following four-minute video titled ‘Wealth Inequality in Canada’.

Canada needs to change course! Stephen Harper has had his moment. I’m certain you will agree that it’s time for a new leader, but who will lead us? Ask yourself, “Who is the smartest guy in the room”?

Tom Mulcair photo courtesy of NDP.ca
Tom Mulcair
photo courtesy of NDP.ca

If you put Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau in a room, there’s absolutely no question that Tom Mulcair wins, hands down. Tom:

  • has a hopeful vision for Canada’s future
  • is very well educated, but is still immensely likeable
  • is a compassionate, honourable gentleman with deeply held Canadian values
  • will work for your family and for mine
  • has a made-in-Canada plan that will begin to address inequality, as quickly as possible.

Q: What’s holding the NDP back?
A: Unfortunately, far too many Canadians have a many-decades-old perception that the NDP are communists.

Bluntly, that’s absolute nonsense. If you fear political parties other than the Conservatives and the Liberals, you need to smack yourself on the forehead and then educate yourself. Check out the NDP platform. Now that you’re up to date, put your knowledge to work.

Now, ask, “Which political parties created wealth inequality in Canada”? The Conservatives and the Liberals have served Canadian elites, the investor-class and corporations, for decades.

Hard-working Canadians have tremendous power when we work together, sadly, it’s been a while since the last time we did. Now’s the time, let’s remind the Conservatives and the Liberals who we are and that we matter. We will not allow wealth inequality to run riot. It’s time to restore balance and renew hope within our democracy.

Challenge: Correct wealth inequality in Canada.

Only you have the power to change Canada. My recommendation is to vote for the NDP and Tom Mulcair.

Happy New Year. 2015 will be a wonderful year for Canada’s politics!