Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau and Truth Serum

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Canada Election 2015: What would happen if you combined Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau and truth serum?

Let’s take the ‘job interview’ TV ad a step further. Picture this: The three, major-political-party candidates, for the office of Prime Minister, Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau receive truth serum before they’re asked, “Why are you running, who do you want to help? How will you win? Here’s how I imagine their ‘truthful’ answers would play out:

  1. Stephen Harper – My earnestly-held ideology has compelled me to toil on behalf of Big Oil, major corporations and rich, caucasian Christians. My tactic is fear.
  2. Justin Trudeau – I want to prove that I can live up to my father’s name; I guess you could say, I’m running for myself. My tactics change frequently, I follow the lead of my advisors.
  3. Tom Mulcair – We’re in this together, I will serve all Canadians. Together, we will create the Canada of our dreams! My strategy is experience, educated-common sense and compassion.

Who will you vote for?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau photo

Seriously, are the Grits really encouraging Justin Trudeau to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada? Justin’s last-name recognition is certainly a plus for the Liberals and it would definitely draw attention to their leadership race and convention, but…

Q: So, what’s the problem?
A: Becoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau simply isn’t plausible in this decade.

I hope Justin doesn’t get sucked in by the attention they’re paying to him; it’s pretty obvious the Liberals are just hoping to use the “Trudeau” name to garner media attention. That said, there’s a chance that becoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might be possible later, when he has further developed his resumé and if the Liberals are able to regain a little credibility in Quebec and Ontario.

I was a University of Ottawa medical student assigned to the Ottawa Civic Hospital’s maternity suite when Dr. Manuel (Manny) Gluck delivered Justin. I was an early supporter of Justin’s dad. I’ve always voted Liberal. I was moved by the eulogy Justin gave at his father’s funeral. Hey, I was even amused when he won his boxing match. That said, I don’t believe he’s ready to be the Liberal leader and he’s certainly not ready to be the Prime Minister of Canada.

My suspicion is that Stephen Harper and the press would love to orchestrate a showdown between Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau. The media would generate the attention they crave and need. The Harper Government would cruise to another majority.

Q: How could Justin Trudeau increase his leadership credentials?
A: Unlike his Liberal colleagues, Justin could extend a statesman’s hand to Tom Mulcair and the NDP. It’s way past time someone in the Liberal Party seriously considered Jean Chrétien’s suggestion that the Liberals and the NDP begin working more closely. Bringing the Liberals and the NDP together and then defeating the Harper Government would be a very impressive leadership coup and, most significantly, it would be a wonderful gift, the majority of Canadians would long remember.

After the Harper Government is defeated in the next election, Justin’s era will begin. At that time, reading the words Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, won’t be nearly as unlikely as it is today.

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