Killer Whales and Supertankers

BC coastal whales

Do you ever play movies in your imagination? You know what I mean, it’s when you picture a future scenario that’s so real that you can actually visualize a colour movie in your head; a daydream if you will. The title of this movie is ‘Killer Whales and Supertankers’. Picture this:

  • the Harper Government approves the Northern Gateway Pipelines
  • supertankers, full of crude oil, begin leaving Kitimat destined for China.

I’ll bet you’re already imagining something similar to the movie ‘Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster’. I understand, because that scenario is, indeed, inevitable, but this time imagine something different. What if the tankers are sailing weekly and a killer whale washes up on the BC coastline. The whale looks perfect, absolutely beautiful, except, of course, it’s dead. Canada and the rest of the world immediately wonder if there’s a connection between the supertankers and the killer whale’s death? Hold on, there must be a CSI for marine mammals, right? Here’s the problem, the Harper Government just dismissed that guy and shut down Canada’s entire DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) contaminants program.

Peter Ross, a marine mammal toxicologist, a gentleman who has about a hundred published, scientific articles was recently informed that his services will no longer be required. Worse still, Peter is just one of seventy-five people, who study marine contamination for Canada, to be dismissed. So, what does Peter have to say?

“I cannot think of another industrialized nation that has completely excised marine pollution from its radar…”


“It is with apprehension that I ponder a Canada without any research or monitoring capacity for pollution in our three oceans…”

Q: Why did the Harper Government shut down the Department of Fisheries contaminants program?
A: Just a budget cut, or was it a targeted budget cut, because… ? Play another one of those movies in your head.

I don’t suppose your movie had anything to do with Big Oil shipping Canada’s raw natural resources to China and contamination of our air, land and water?