Who Should I Vote For?

Are you asking yourself, "Who should I vote for?” Some people enjoy digging into the candidate’s and political party’s details, others, not so much. For those of you who are not information junkies, I offer this straightforward Election 2015 overview.

The Conservative's 'Protect Our Economy' slogan was created to mislead us. The Conservatives are hoping you haven’t noticed Stephen Harper’s lost decade of six straight budget deficits, two recessions and more than $125 billion added to Canada’s national debt. That plus, the Harper Government has badly damaged Canada’s international reputation.

The Liberal’s 'Real Change' is another misleading slogan. After decoding, their slogan reads Chrétien, Martin and Trudeau Junior. Repackaged ideas from all too familiar Liberal names. When I saw Chrétien and Martin, I flashed back to the $100 million, Sponsorship Scandal. That plus, Justin Trudeau is the least qualified Liberal leader in my lifetime.

Clearly, after 148 years of Conservative and Liberal corporation-focused BS, the time has arrived for actual CHANGE. The Canadian people deserve better governance. The NDP has always had the best ideas and today, they’re electable.

The NDP’s ‘Change that’s ready’ slogan is perfect. Tom Mulcair is an impressive leader. He’s ready. The NDP has wonderful MP candidates. They’re ready. When they’re elected, they will become a motivated team, that is ready to serve us and govern. Working together, we will create the Canada of our dreams.

Change that’s ready.

For the first time in my life I'll be voting for the NDP. Millions of our fellow Canadians will do the same. Join us!

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Liberal to NDP

Liberal to NDP - Justin Trudeau boxing

I was recently asked,
Q: “Why did you switch from Liberal to NDP”?
A: Justin Trudeau, the least qualified Liberal leader in my lifetime, is hoping to buy your vote. Here’s the twist, he wants to use your credit card to fund his promises. Our current national debt, per citizen, is about $30,000 and Canadians pay over $800 interest, every second. Justin knows we can’t afford his planned multi-billion dollar deficits, but he lusts for the office his father once held. This election, priority #1 is to defeat and remove Stephen Harper. Historically, when Canadians tire of the Conservatives, we turn to the Liberals. Paraphrasing Peter C. Newman, “the Liberals have chosen to follow a name, instead of a leader”.

the Liberals have chosen to follow a name,
instead of a leader

For the first time in my life, I’ll be voting NDP, not Liberal. The NDP have:

Join me, vote NDP, together, we can build the Canada of our dreams.

Background: The best political move I ever made was Liberal to NDP. My wife’s uncle was President of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) for two terms (PET era) and a Liberal Senator. My parents were members of the LPC. My wife and I have always voted Liberal. When the Liberals selected Justin Trudeau as their new leader, we said, “That’s it, we’re finally done”.

The Conservative Liberal Teeter-Totter

Conservative Liberal teeter-totter

Bluntly, it’s time for Canadians to get off of the Conservative Liberal teeter-totter. There’s a better ride.

Canada’s federal politics have always been predictable. Voters alternate between The Liberal Party of Canada and The Conservative Party of Canada. When one party is up, the other is down, thus, the teeter-totter analogy. Get tired of one, elect the other. Many would argue that this habitual behaviour has worked well for our nation. I agree, it once did. Two parties satisfied the majority of us for well over one hundred years, but there’s a snag going forward. Have you noticed that Canada is moving to the political right? Today, both the Liberals and the Conservatives lean right. The direct result is that corporations and the rich have benefited while the vast majority of Canadians are being left behind. The ‘First Law of Holes’ states, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” If there was ever a time for real change, this is it. Swapping Liberals for Conservatives won’t cut it.

Recent Canadian political leadership polls hint that Stephen Harper’s support is in decline and that Justin Trudeau’s stock is rising. I’ve written about Justin before, but this time I’m asking, “Why should we consider voting for The Liberal Party of Canada and specifically, is Justin Trudeau likely to get us out of the mess we’re in?”

Why are the Liberals currently leading in the polls? The two most obvious reasons are:

  1. Canadians are embarrassed by the Harper Government
  2. Canadian voters remember the ‘Trudeau’ name.

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to understand our collective embarrassment, the last eight years have created a Canada I barely recognize. Regarding reason number two, I have fond memories of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, but, stating the obvious, Justin is not his father. So, what does Justin have going for him?

  • he’s a Liberal
  • the Conservatives are falling out of favour
  • the ‘Trudeau’ name
  • he’s fluently bilingual
  • he’s young and has a nice looking family
  • he has “great hair”.

What goes against him? From my vantage, Justin, a son of privilege, is unqualified, but his biggest problem is that he’s leading a political party that looks more and more like the Conservatives with every passing year. The Liberal mantra is “fiscally conservative and socially responsible”, but Trudeau’s party has become overly corporation-friendly hoping to solicit funding and the Liberals appear to have forgotten their social responsibility pledge.

If not Justin Trudeau, who? Isn’t there an even better alternative to Stephen Harper? Absolutely, yes there is. It’s the current Leader of the Opposition. Unlike Justin, Tom Mulcair, is ready to lead. With our support, the New Democratic Party of Canada can get rid of the Conservative majority and work toward:

  • making life more affordable
  • reducing household debt
  • lowering credit card interest rates
  • capping ATM fees
  • getting rid of The Senate
  • ending the muzzling of our climate scientists
  • protecting our fresh water and our coastlines
  • making Big Oil work for us
  • ending gas-price gouging
  • reducing greenhouse gases.

Canada is very fortunate to have an abundance of natural resources, but multinational corporations, including Big Oil are taking home almost all of the money. That’s not right. It’s time that someone stood up for Canadian families. Tom Mulcair and the NDP will stand up for us.

Somewhat ironically, the best way to create ‘Jobs and Prosperity’ is to get rid of the Harper Conservatives. Hopeful Canadians can make a difference in 2015.

Who’s Afraid of Tom Mulcair?

Tom Mulcair

If you don’t already know who Tom Mulcair is, you may not understand why I’m asking, “Who’s Afraid of Tom Mulcair?”

OK, going forward, I’ll assume everyone is up to speed, Mr. Mulcair is the new leader of Canada’s Federal NDP.

Not long ago, Mr. Mulcair got out his paddle and stirred up the Harper Government’s status quo, by questioning tar sands development. Paraphrasing, he asked:

  • why isn’t tar sands development following a sustainable growth model
  • why are we allowing multinational oil and gas corporations to, “use our air, our soil and our water as an unlimited, free dumping ground”
  • why have we allowed the tar sands’s economy to artificially inflate our dollar, destroying thousands of manufacturing jobs and jeopardizing many more
  • why are we allowing Canada’s balanced economy to come under threat?

Since Mr. Mulcair asked his questions, you can’t open a paper or a political website without seeing an article about Dutch disease. I love it, and I enjoy the dialogues that his questions have generated. Bluntly it’s about time, there was some serious discussion. Prior to asking his questions, the multinational oil and gas corporations were having their way with Canada:

  • multiple tar sands developments proceeding at full speed
  • new pipelines planned or underway
  • environmental laws changing or changed
  • significant threats to environmentalists
  • muzzling scientists with views unfavourable to Big Oil
  • more foreign, cheap-labour, workers on their way to Canada

Now back to my question,
Q: Who’s afraid of Tom Mulcair?
A: Federal and Provincial Liberals and perhaps the Harper Government

The Federal Liberals have been humiliating themselves by taking every opportunity to denigrate and minimize the NDP. When I worked as a Medical Doctor, I always tried to remember,

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Sadly, the Liberals are currently perceived, as neglecting Canadians, while pursuing their own self-interests. It doesn’t look like they care.

Provincially, the Liberal Premiere of BC, went so far as to call Tom Mulcair’s ideas “Goofy”. Although she succeeded in getting herself a lot of press attention, that scrutiny only directed consideration to her precarious position in the upcoming election. I’m betting Adrian Dix, the provincial NDP leader is going to win that one.

Finally, the Harper Government is expecting Tom Mulcair’s popularity to wane, the same way Michael Ignatief’s did, so they’re not nervous yet, but it won’t be much longer until their nerves begin to fray. They’re definitely not as confident as they pretend they are. They’re well aware that a very significant majority of Canadians did not vote for them in the last election or, for that matter, ever.

I’m betting Tom Mulcair’s popularity will grow as Canadians discover how much he cares about Canada.

Afterthought: My hunch is that multinational oil and gas corporations aren’t afraid of anyone (any individual), but they’re understandably afraid of everyone (a majority of us). Tom Mulcair and the NDP are on the verge of a populist breakthrough across Canada and I’m sure that’s causing the corporations, more than a little, concern. What if they actually had to dig into their massive profits to fund the ‘polluter pays’ model that the NDP champions?