Canadians Are Timid Voters

timid Canadian voter

Election 2015: Canadians decided it was time for Stephen Harper to go. Unsurprisingly, two very familiar names shaped this election.
Q: What names?
A: ’Liberal’ and ’Trudeau’.
From my vantage of Canada’s politics, this was confirmation that Canadians are timid voters.

The movie that plays in my head suggests it went down like this: OK, let’s get rid of the Conservatives. Who will we replace them with? Presented with a choice between the devil you know and something better, Canadians chose the devil, the Liberal Party of Canada.

When I wrote ‘The Conservative Liberal Teeter Totter’, almost two years ago, I hoped to see a change in Canada’s very narrow political voting pattern. It has always been Liberals up, Conservatives down and vice versa. One hundred and fifty years of Liberal and Conservative governments have led to the near-total domination of Canada by multinational corporations. Both Liberal and Conservative back rooms, the guys behind the curtain, are controlled by multinational banks, insurance companies, corporations, Big Oil, billionaires and Bay Street. This control has led to massive wealth inequality. Despite Liberal promises to help our ‘middle class’ inequality will get much worse. Canadians are timid voters and cast their ballots like lemmings! Canadians looked at BILL C-51, the TPP, planned Liberal deficits and the Liberal Campaign Co-Chair scandal and they concluded “Oh, well, I’m OK as long as I don’t have to try something new. The NDP is new. That would be scary.” Voters missed an opportunity to create the Canada of our dreams. Tom Mulcair would have been an exceptional Prime Minister.

I’m delighted that Stephen Harper has been minimized! Thank you Canada.

Congratulations to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada. I wish you well and I’ll be delighted if you prove me wrong.