Who Should I Vote For?

Are you asking yourself, "Who should I vote for?” Some people enjoy digging into the candidate’s and political party’s details, others, not so much. For those of you who are not information junkies, I offer this straightforward Election 2015 overview.

The Conservative's 'Protect Our Economy' slogan was created to mislead us. The Conservatives are hoping you haven’t noticed Stephen Harper’s lost decade of six straight budget deficits, two recessions and more than $125 billion added to Canada’s national debt. That plus, the Harper Government has badly damaged Canada’s international reputation.

The Liberal’s 'Real Change' is another misleading slogan. After decoding, their slogan reads Chrétien, Martin and Trudeau Junior. Repackaged ideas from all too familiar Liberal names. When I saw Chrétien and Martin, I flashed back to the $100 million, Sponsorship Scandal. That plus, Justin Trudeau is the least qualified Liberal leader in my lifetime.

Clearly, after 148 years of Conservative and Liberal corporation-focused BS, the time has arrived for actual CHANGE. The Canadian people deserve better governance. The NDP has always had the best ideas and today, they’re electable.

The NDP’s ‘Change that’s ready’ slogan is perfect. Tom Mulcair is an impressive leader. He’s ready. The NDP has wonderful MP candidates. They’re ready. When they’re elected, they will become a motivated team, that is ready to serve us and govern. Working together, we will create the Canada of our dreams.

Change that’s ready.

For the first time in my life I'll be voting for the NDP. Millions of our fellow Canadians will do the same. Join us!

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Liberal to NDP

Liberal to NDP - Justin Trudeau boxing

I was recently asked,
Q: “Why did you switch from Liberal to NDP”?
A: Justin Trudeau, the least qualified Liberal leader in my lifetime, is hoping to buy your vote. Here’s the twist, he wants to use your credit card to fund his promises. Our current national debt, per citizen, is about $30,000 and Canadians pay over $800 interest, every second. Justin knows we can’t afford his planned multi-billion dollar deficits, but he lusts for the office his father once held. This election, priority #1 is to defeat and remove Stephen Harper. Historically, when Canadians tire of the Conservatives, we turn to the Liberals. Paraphrasing Peter C. Newman, “the Liberals have chosen to follow a name, instead of a leader”.

the Liberals have chosen to follow a name,
instead of a leader

For the first time in my life, I’ll be voting NDP, not Liberal. The NDP have:

Join me, vote NDP, together, we can build the Canada of our dreams.

Background: The best political move I ever made was Liberal to NDP. My wife’s uncle was President of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) for two terms (PET era) and a Liberal Senator. My parents were members of the LPC. My wife and I have always voted Liberal. When the Liberals selected Justin Trudeau as their new leader, we said, “That’s it, we’re finally done”.

The Conservatives’ Biggest Lie

Q: What is the conservatives’ biggest lie?
A: The conservatives’ biggest lie is, “I’m better than you are!”

Money, Alone, Is Not the Measuring Stick
of a Successful Life.

“I’m better than you are!” is the lie many financially successful conservatives whisper to themselves. They rarely utter this one in public, but it’s a big part of who they are and unbeknownst to them it’s obvious to everyone they meet.

Let’s use a couple of people as an example: Is there any doubt in your mind that Mitt Romney and Donald Trump think that they’re better than you are?

Ask yourself a simple question, “Would your life, today, be different if you had attended the best schools that money could buy and then had many millions of dollars deposited into your bank account”?

Background: Mitt Romney’s dad, George, was Chairman and President of American Motors Corporation (today’s Chrysler), Governor of Michigan and the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Mitt is said to have inherited millions and millions of dollars. Donald Trump’s dad, Fred, was a very successful real estate developer and left young Donald assets valued at about two hundred million dollars ($200,000,000).

Both Mitt and Donald have absolutely no idea what it would be like to start from zero and compete on an even playing field. They selfishly seize all of the credit for their successes and they demand your envy. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that their very privileged backgrounds have skewed both Mitt and Donald’s views of the poor and the middle class. Neither is altruistically attempting to serve, they’re both constantly seeking media attention and power. Both men ooze phoniness. Their persona betrays their conviction that they are better than other people. Can’t you just feel Mitt and Donald wondering aloud, “What’s up with the Occupy Movement?” completely failing to grasp the very real frustrations of folks who work for a living?

Mitt’s disdain for those who are not super rich would lead to more:

  • tax breaks for corporations and
  • tax breaks for the wealthy.

Referencing the USA, did you know that:

  • “in 2010 the average salary for CEOs on the S&P 500 was over $1 million and climbed to over $11 million when all forms of compensation were accounted for”
  • “… tax rates on the super rich are now lower than they’ve been in three decades”
  • “corporate profits now constitute the largest share of the economy since 1929”?

Interestingly, if the USA’s gross national income were divided evenly across the entire population, every household would be classified as middle class. Unfortunately, instead of even a little fairness, we have the 1%—2% with all the money and then the rest of us.

Recommended reading:

  1. Peter Edelman’s ‘So Rich, So Poor: Why It’s So Hard to End Poverty in America’
  2. Robert B. Reich’s ‘Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life’

Stephen Harper would have you believe, it’s completely different here in Canada, it’s not really, we’re just about a decade behind the US.

Humorous note: A fortune “trickled down” to Mitt Romney, perhaps that’s why he supports the discredited, “trickle down”, economic theory.

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Canadian Conservative Think Tanks

Think Tank image

The tar sands boom: When you read an article, listen to radio or watch TV have you noticed that traditional media often references studies produced by Canadian conservative think tanks? What do you know about these folks? Have you ever wondered if these think tanks are as independent as they claim to be? Who funds their studies?

Unfortunately, Canada does not require think tanks to disclose their donors and I’m not aware of any conservative think tanks that have voluntarily disclosed their donors.

My suspicion is that resource corporations like:

  • multinational oil and gas corporations
  • pipeline corporations
  • other energy corporations
  • forestry corporations
  • mining corporations

and their owners, many of whom have earned hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars, are the think tank’s largest, individual donors.

Although most think tanks claim to be non-partisan or politically independent, the following organizations are widely acknowledged to be promoters of conservative paradigms (example organizations, listed alphabetically):

Q: Why am I concerned?

Example: In the USA, the Koch brothers are major donors to and funders of conservative think tanks.

I wonder, have the Koch brothers funded any of the Canadian conservative think tanks that have produced studies supporting our tar sands economy?

The big question I’m left with is, “Can we trust studies produced by Canadian conservative think tanks?”