Peter Van Loan, “…job done”

Peter Van Loan image

Peter Van Loan, the Harper Government’s Leader of the House of Commons, marking the end of the Spring 2012 session, proudly proclaimed “…we got the job done”.

Many Canadians, including myself, see it very differently. The majority of Canadian voters were ignored when the Harper Government completely disregarded the “democracy” thing. What’s the point of having our Canadian Parliament if you don’t listen to your opposition and you don’t engage in meaningful debate? It’s clear that someone needs to explain to Stephen Harper that a majority government is not a dictatorship.

“If you were half as smart as you think you are, you wouldn’t think you were so smart.”

Bill C–38 will not be forgotten. Here are just a few of the descriptive words that I’ve heard applied to the Harper Government since their election in 2011:

  • undemocratic
  • dictatorial
  • authoritarian
  • arrogant
  • condescending
  • mean-spirited
  • secretive
  • mendacious
  • conspiratorial and
  • inadequate.

“This is a truly bad government. It has a bad ethic about it. It doesn’t understand its own limits… It’s not just a style, but it’s a profound attitude toward other people and other opinions which is deeply, deeply unhealthy.”
– Bob Rae, referring to the Harper Government

Fortunately, 2015 will afford forgotten Canadians an opportunity to amend the mistake that about thirty-nine percent of voting fellow Canadians made in 2011.

Mindlessly repeating your “jobs and prosperity” mantra won’t work next time, we’re onto your bullshit. We’ll be taking our democracy back. Canada is not China and we’re not going to accept authoritarian governance.

Humorous note: When I reviewed this post I noticed a typo, ‘Peter Van Load’. Now that’s Freudian. 🙂