Liberal to NDP

Liberal to NDP - Justin Trudeau boxing

I was recently asked,
Q: “Why did you switch from Liberal to NDP”?
A: Justin Trudeau, the least qualified Liberal leader in my lifetime, is hoping to buy your vote. Here’s the twist, he wants to use your credit card to fund his promises. Our current national debt, per citizen, is about $30,000 and Canadians pay over $800 interest, every second. Justin knows we can’t afford his planned multi-billion dollar deficits, but he lusts for the office his father once held. This election, priority #1 is to defeat and remove Stephen Harper. Historically, when Canadians tire of the Conservatives, we turn to the Liberals. Paraphrasing Peter C. Newman, “the Liberals have chosen to follow a name, instead of a leader”.

the Liberals have chosen to follow a name,
instead of a leader

For the first time in my life, I’ll be voting NDP, not Liberal. The NDP have:

Join me, vote NDP, together, we can build the Canada of our dreams.

Background: The best political move I ever made was Liberal to NDP. My wife’s uncle was President of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) for two terms (PET era) and a Liberal Senator. My parents were members of the LPC. My wife and I have always voted Liberal. When the Liberals selected Justin Trudeau as their new leader, we said, “That’s it, we’re finally done”.