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Q: Will the Green Party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada be willing to work together to defeat Stephen Harper?
A: Unfortunately, it’s not looking that way at the moment. Lamentably, the Liberals seem most perturbed by the NDP’s rise in the polls. For some incomprehensible reason, they appear to be less concerned about the much more important and immediate threat to Canada’s future, namely the Harper Government.

There are three, big problems facing those of us who vote in the middle and on the left of the political spectrum:

  1. although I’m a big fan of Elizabeth May, I don’t see the Green Party electing many more MPs in the next election
  2. sadly, the Liberal Party’s brand is now far, far weaker in Quebec and Ontario than most Liberals have admitted to themselves
  3. the NDP might not have as much momentum as they currently imagine they have.

Disclosure: I’ve always voted for Liberal candidates and a Liberal government, but I’ll be voting for Tom Mulcair and the NDP in the next federal election. I’m absolutely certain that, right now, the NDP is the only party that has a realistic chance of defeating Stephen Harper.

Q: What will it take to elect an NDP government?
A: Very slight policy shifts toward the political middle-ground and a diverse slate of exceptional NDP candidates, all across Canada. The NDP will, of course, need help to defeat the Conservatives, so, now would be a great time for progressive Liberals and Green Party voters to investigate the NDP.
A2: Next, we’ll need very well-organized, local teams to generate massive voter support and turnout in BC, the Maritime Provinces, Ontario, Quebec and just a little support in the remaining Provinces and the Territories.

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Canada’s future holds enormous promise, but our full potential will only be realized if we elect a government that reveres our people, our cultures, our bountiful natural resources, our environment, our economy and has a deep respect for our Earth’s ecosystem.

The Harper Government, a political party that lionizes multinational oil and gas corporations, above all else, cannot properly represent the hopes of Canadians who live outside of Alberta and possibly Saskatchewan.

Hopeful Canadians have a clear choice, let’s work together to regain our international reputation as an honest, environmentally responsible, progressive, peace-loving, country where Canadians care for their fellow citizens and for future generations worldwide.

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Canada can prosper and still protect our environment.

Opinions expressed on HopefulCanadians.com are my own. I support, but I do not represent the NDP or Tom Mulcair. Thank you for visiting and please contact me or comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Comment: I’ll confess, I’m feeling a little like Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Seuss’ Whoville (trust me, it’s very strange to feel like Cindy Lou 🙂 ), but I’m hopeful someone will hear my website’s small voice.